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Relief Carvings

Beginning with a design and flat piece of wood, carving tools are used to produce an object or figure in three dimensions projecting slightly from the background.  Carving of an image can be either "high" or "low" relief, depending on how much of the subject in the relief projects outward. Relief carvings are thought to have been first used by ancient civilizations such as Egyptians and Greeks.

The best woods for relief carvings are basswood, mahogany, cherry, black walnut and white pine.

The design

A relief carving first begins with a design and layout which is then transferred to a piece of wood. The design helps you decide which areas will be in the foreground, middle ground or background

removal of wood

As wood is removed from the panel around the design now traced onto it  the objects begin to stand up from the background wood.  Low relief carving is all about tricking the eye. By undercutting and creating shadows giving the illusion of depth


Details ADDED


the finished carving

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