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Phil Costello


Inspired by the nautical splendor of the New England coastline, Phil Costello creates sculptures and carvings that call forth the wonder and beauty of nature in wood. 


Under the tutelage of master carvers Dimitrios Klitsas, Chris Pye, Wick Aherns and others, Phil learned the intricacies of wood-carving detail and design, utilizing wood as a medium to manifest beautiful, one-of-a-kind artistic treasures. Through unabashed determination and natural talent, Phil discovered a potential for creation that is boundless. 


Through careful honing of technique and process, Phil has carved a place for himself among the finest artisans and adepts of the wood sculpting craft. From his studios in Southern Maine and Southwest Florida he is surrounded by the beauty in and around the ocean and is inspired to duplicate these nautical pieces in detail with masterful skill.   His vision for design and the careful planning of each piece, along with the type of wood used,  allows for efficient, flawless execution of realistic sculptures.  


New and novel sculpture requests keep Phil in a continual state of artistic development, and he readily enjoys the challenge of creating custom commission works. 


Locals, travelers and vacationers alike are welcome to contact Phil for a closer view of his works and the natural beauty of wood rendered in artistic form. See the joy of revealing the beauty that lies deep in the depths of wood.

Mastering skills
with Master Carvers & Sculptors

Phil under the guidance of  Master wood carver and sculptor Dimitrios Klitsas at his wood carving studio in Hampden Massachusetts.

Chris Pye & Phil2.png

World renown Master wood carver Chris Pye from England gives the thumbs up with Phil. Phil had just completed a two week carving and sculpture seminar with Chris at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport , Maine.

Phil with artist and sculptor Wick Ahrens at his studio in Vermont. For many years Wick carved whales in Vermont. He was a gifted and talented artisan whose work is on display in many public locations and in privately held collections. Phil learned so much from his time spent with Wick. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge and skill . A true void was created in the world of carving upon Wicks passing in 2016. Time spent with Wick encourage Phil to research the treasures of the seas and bring that to life in the form of nautical wood carvings and sculptures.

Wick Ahern & Phil.jpg
"Wood is the medium in which the skilled carver communicates with the rest of the world"

-Author Unknown
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